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Security Magazine Publishes Cybersecurity Article by Dr. Sarbari Gupta June 6, 2022

A thought-provoking article authored by Electrosoft CEO Dr. Sarbari Gupta published as an online Security magazine exclusive on May 27th. “Protecting the User as a High-Value Asset to Achieve a Safer Cyber World!” proposes a novel shift in the cybersecurity paradigm from a sole focus on the protected object to one that encompasses the defense of end-users. A simple premise underlies her proposal: Users are not only the subjects of online transactions, but also the objects of transactions initiated by other parties. Dr. Gupta writes, “My call to action is straightforward: We need a new mindset within the cybersecurity community that recognizes the user as a high-value asset in need of multi-layered protection. To promote User-Centric Zero-Trust solution architectures, we need more focused research and development to strengthen existing technologies and identify new ones that offer robust protection across all channels.”

The complete article can be found online here.

A PDF of the article, used with permission from Security magazine, is available on our Resources page.

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