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Lead the Field Book cover
Sarbari Gupta Featured in Sound Wisdom Blog January 10, 2019

We’ve all read a book or heard a speaker who had a profound impact on our life. For Electrosoft President & CEO Sarbari Gupta, it was listening to Earl Nightingale’s Lead the Field audio program and learning about his 12 principles.

She mentioned the Nightingale work in a recent WashingtonExec article that caught the publisher’s attention. A subsequent interview captured in greater detail some of the more influential principles and how Sarbari’s used them to advance herself both personally and professionally. Here’s a short excerpt from the resultant blog:

On a personal level, I’ve found “The Miracle of Your Mind” chapter very beneficial—getting out an empty sheet of paper in the morning, focusing on the most important question, and coming up with answers. It’s true, as Nightingale suggests, that when you key in on a question at the beginning of the day, your subconscious will often be at work, trying to find an answer to it. And those answers will come to you, often at odd times of the day!

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