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Mobile Authentication
Sarbari Gupta Article Publishes in GCN May 23, 2019

GCN published Sarbari Gupta’s article titled “Next-Generation Identity Assurance for Mobile Environments” as an Industry Insights feature. The premise of the piece is that mobile platforms can be transformed into self-contained, privacy-protecting authentication machines, making local identity verification both practical and secure.

The proposed concept overhauls the authentication models currently in use for smart mobile devices to define and develop a Hyper-Authentication (HyperAuth) framework. HyperAuth leverages the unique capabilities and features of smart mobile platforms (such as a plethora of sensors and contextual information) to implement multi-factor and context-aware local (on-device) authentication verification services using authentication reference data (such as biometric templates) stored securely on the device. Gupta also provides a concept of operations for the use of HyperAuth.

Read the article here.

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