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Overseeing New Technology

Overseeing New Technology Incubation to Enhance the Defense Supply Chain


Managing the global defense supply chain is a challenging task that relies on information technology (IT) for mission accomplishment. One defense support activity holds responsibility for identifying and evaluating more efficient, yet secure, IT solutions and processes for adoption across this supply chain. It oversees a technology accelerator program where prototype evaluation occurs in support of go‒no go production decisions and eventual placement of modern technology in end users’ hands.


The pace at which technology evolves increases daily. To stay on the leading edge, this defense support activity must be proactive. Yet, the sheer volume of technology alternatives demands careful evaluation, mindful that some organizational units perform highly specialized functions while others fulfill more general roles. Balancing these requirements and identifying approaches that benefit both groups are critical to success.

The defense support activity required expert skills to manage the incubation period of prototypes so that viable alternatives could be accepted by “problem sponsors” and transitioned into production. Specifically, this expertise included the ability to:

  • Understand the value propositions of both overall stakeholders and siloed activities and identify approaches responsive to both.
  • Integrate new functions into existing business processes.
  • Manage documents, deliverables and executive-level communications relative to projects; analyze data; and make data-driven recommendations.
  • Create, update and maintain business case and ROI (return on investment) information on all projects.


Electrosoft assembled an experienced team with the skills needed to fulfill contract tasking related to prototype incubation. Chief needs and requirements focused around business process reengineering and business data analysis.

Regarding business process reengineering, Electrosoft staff expertly executed the following tasks:

  • Prototype document management, specifically Concept of Operations (CONOPS), Plan of Action and Milestones (POA&Ms) and Stakeholder maps
  • Working group coordination, assuring involvement of key stakeholders
  • Execution of experiments identified in sprint workshops and incorporated within CONOPS
  • Prototype status monitoring and briefing
  • Customer relations skills insofar as serving as the technology accelerator face to customers
  • Ongoing outreach to discover and include previously unidentified but affected key stakeholders

Relative to business data analysis, Electrosoft professionals focused on:

  • Data creation, capture and analysis
  • Business case development
  • ROI estimation
  • Stakeholder map construction to specify who must act, who must be consulted and who else is relevant to the process


Electrosoft’s process improvement and reengineering methodologies are positively affecting process modernization projects. Through experimentation, data modeling, analysis and other techniques, we are developing modern business methods, identifying best practices and assessing their impact via discrete performance measures. In addition, we are assisting process change by helping to integrate new processes with existing ones and assuring that affected stakeholders are well aware of changes.

Further, as overseer of the incubation period, Electrosoft is building solid, data-driven business cases based on evaluation and experimentation that demonstrate each prototype's value, if any. In this way, only viable prototype capabilities move into production and ultimately into the hands of the agency end users. And, through ongoing communication and stakeholder involvement at all stages, Electrosoft is contributing to a more modern and secure defense supply chain.