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Improving Operational Efficiency with ERP-Enabled and FIAR Compliant Business Solutions


Electrosoft successfully planned, reengineered and implemented next-generation business processes leveraging the U.S. Navy’s significant investment in an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution at a Major Range and Test Facility Base (MRTFB). The result was improved operational effectiveness and efficiency as well as significant improvements in FIAR compliance with minimal disruption to critical ongoing business operations.


The U.S. Navy invested in and deployed an ERP solution that all Navy System Commands must adopt to achieve Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness (FIAR) compliance, improve business processes and maximize funding with minimal disruption to day-to-day operations. Because the ERP solution affects all of the Base’s critical financial and logistics processes, minimizing downtime and disruptions heightened the complexity of the implementation challenge.


The U.S. Navy engaged Electrosoft to take on this formidable challenge. Electrosoft assigned a team of world-class experts familiar with FIAR compliance, Lean Six Sigma business process reengineering techniques, functional design specification development, systems testing and program management support. The team, in partnership with the MRTFB ERP team, developed a five-year business improvement strategy that covered all critical business processes (i.e., configuration management; program and financial management organization realignment; customer requirements specification and funding; budgeting; government estimating; cost collection and customer billing; procurement and logistics; property, plant and equipment management; asset management; etc.). Based on the five-year strategic plan, the team developed a detailed Plan of Action and Milestones, created a document detailing the interrelationships of the Base’s complex financial and logistics processes and wrote a series of other technical reports. Electrosoft made recommendations regarding future lean and reengineered business processes, led meetings and workshops to address specific issues as they arose and recommended continuous business improvements.


Electrosoft achieved the stated objective of successfully planning, deploying, stabilizing and leveraging the ERP solution at the MRTFB with minimal disruption to business operations. The ERP generated significant improvements in FIAR compliance and improved operational effectiveness and efficiency. In the process, Electrosoft stabilized and reengineered key business operations; supported the reengineering, design and development of a new project-based cost collection and billing system; and reengineered, designed and supported the implementation of a new electronically enabled task instruction creation, approval and management solution, among other accomplishments. In a written letter, the MRTFB identified Electrosoft’s project manager as “a valued asset and critical to the continued success for process improvement initiatives for [its] business systems and ERP environment.”