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Facilitating Agency’s Critical Economic Mission through a Reliable and Secure IT Infrastructure


Electrosoft assisted the agency in two key areas: (1) efficient management of information technology (IT) investments in support of the agency’s mission, vision, and strategic objects; and (2) maintenance of infrastructure to ensure reliability and security.


The agency needed expert technical support with network infrastructure and secure IT operations to achieve their mission of providing the nation with critical economic statistics.  


The agency engaged Electrosoft to meet this challenge.  We manage the agency’s networks including infrastructure and operations, desktop operations, network security, and data processing to ensure optimized efficiency.  Specifically, we:

  • monitor network performance to determine current and potential problems and propose enhancements;
  • maintain control and access of data storage, space allocation, and device usage for authorized users, analyze file organization and database structures, and run de-duplication tools to reduce the number of duplicate documents;
  • perform regularly scheduled incremental and full backups of network files, and handle restoration of files when necessary;
  • proactively monitor for new updates and patches, as well as ensure the continuing education and knowledge of the software being supported;
  • provide the agency with comprehensive desktop support for personal computers, laptop computers, and associated peripherals; and
  • provide data entry services for survey forms.


Electrosoft’s work directly enables and promotes the agency’s mission to provide decision-makers from governments and businesses of all levels with the monthly, quarterly, and annual information needed to drive trade policy, taxes and spending, hiring and investing, and more.