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Creating Efficient, Compliant, Secure ID Credentialing and Visitor Access


For one government agency’s ID Card Office, Electrosoft implemented process and technology improvements to support government information processing and security standards compliance – while supporting significant enhancements to the visitor registration experience.


At one large government agency, the Identification (ID) Card Office issues Personal Identity Verification (PIV) credentials to all personnel and PIV-Interoperable (PIV-I) credentials to contractors. The credentials are used in conjunction with proximity card readers to create a safe and efficient entry control system that reduces identity fraud and protects personal privacy.

It’s an important responsibility and agency leaders wanted to strengthen the way they managed the credentials. They sought support in three areas:

  • Compliance: The ID Card Office needed to ensure compliance with evolving government-wide common identification standards for government employees and contractors.
  • Administrative: The agency also wanted administrative support to more efficiently operate the ID Card Office.
  • COVID-19 Transition: When COVID-19 hit, the agency suddenly had a need to offer online scheduling and onboarding – as well as an improved contact tracing process.

Additionally, the agency sought support to better manage its visitors. As a "first stop" information source for visitors, contractors, agency staff and the public at the agency headquarters, the Visitor Center receives and processes approximately 35,000 visitors, 12,000 telephone calls, and 12,000 email inquiries annually. The agency needed:

  • Daily Services Support: To better manage the Visitor Center services provided to the agency every day. Services include visitor processing, such as check-in and registration; information services; personnel location; publications; responding to general information inquiries; answering the main telephone number and the Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TDD) line; addressing callers with general and specific questions; and addressing the general electronic mailbox containing a variety of questions, comments and/or concerns.
  • An Improved Visitor Management System:The Visitor Center staff were using Excel spreadsheets to track visitors, which limited coordination across the team and real-time processing of visitor registrations. Visitors were required to register at least one week prior to their proposed visit date and the agency wanted to shorten the wait time.


For the ID Office, Electrosoft implemented new time-keeping technology that allowed the agency to track the entry, exit and movement of individuals throughout the building, for greater visibility and control. The new functionality and processes follow the requirements outlined in Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS 201) by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and Homeland Security Presidential Directive-12 (HSPD-12). The team also streamlined the process for making appointments and tracking new employees and contractors through the onboarding process.

For the Visitor Center, Electrosoft reviewed the existing visitor management process and, in collaboration with agency stakeholders, identified and helped to implement a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) technology solution that automated key elements of the visitor registration and ID services. This solution has access to the agency watchlist, ensuring that only authorized visitors gain access to the agency facilities.


As a direct result of Electrosoft’s activities, the ID Office processes are more efficient and compliant – and the onboarding process itself is much more transparent. Today, new employees and contractors can track exactly where they are in the process. Once all paperwork and background checks are completed, they are able to receive their PIV credentials in just one visit.

Electrosoft’s implementation of the transformative Visitor Management solution resulted in efficient, real-time processes that better protect Visitor ID information. The solution also significantly improved the registration experience, enabling same-day registration, badging and tracking of visitors.

Today, the agency enjoys greater on-site security while welcoming employees, contractors and visitors alike with increased efficiency.