Electrosoft’s approach to operations and maintenance for IT systems relies on our disciplined PMI-based  E2PMP program management approach to execute and coordinate all activities and establish effective  coordination and communications between all service functions and applying industry best practices (such as ITIL) for IT service management.  Electrosoft’s approach includes five vital steps as described below. Service Design – Good operations and maintenance begins with a good system design, and involvement with system developers prior to system production.  We use templates and standard approaches for service design and service transition as appropriate. Service Operations – For the day-to-day activities to provision IT services at agreed-upon service levels, we focus on coordination of service operations monitoring and response. We ensure defined process and expectations are established for incident and problem management and service requests involving help desk, network operations, and network/hardware support. Change and Configuration Management – We implement control procedures for installation, configuration, and tuning, infrastructure and software maintenance and upgrades.  We implement asset management, license management, and resource management. Quality and System Performance Management – We monitor the consistency of service system performance against design goals through testing, performance analysis and tuning.  We apply our ISO 9001:2008 registered and CMMI Level 3 rated Quality Management System (QMS) to ensure performance, consistency and quality of IT service delivery. Service Improvement – Leveraging feedback from our quality management program, we work on continual improvement of our service delivery processes and use methodologies such as Lean, Theory of Constraints or Six Sigma to further streamline our service delivery processes.  Using established Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), we develop score cards that map to organizational priorities to allow organizational leaders to make informed decisions on where to apply service improvement resources.

Information Technology Architecture

We help our customers to implement and maintain world-class enterprise IT infrastructures. We develop Strategic Information Plans, Common Operating Environment (COE) Implementation Plans, and other policy and planning documents. We perform infrastructure assessments to develop detailed physical and logical network infrastructure documentation. We established Enterprise Architecture (EA) and processes for managing the architecture and subsequent changes as it evolves. We test, evaluate, recommend, and plan technology implementation initiatives. We gather, analyze, and document existing and new infrastructure requirements and estimating scope and cost of new projects and technology acquisition. We study and document the current state of the IT infrastructure, and make recommendations for cost-effective upgrades and system improvements.

IT Operations in Classified and Unclassified Environments

We perform tasks across several IT functional areas (i.e. Networking, Windows Systems and Operations, Unix/Linux Systems and Operations, Help Desk, Information Assurance Manager, Corporate Information Operations Center) in classified and unclassified environments. Based on the security classification of the environment, we ensure that applicable policies and procedures are followed. 

Desktop and Server Support; Patching

We support all hardware and software within the customer’s IT environment including operating systems such as Linux, Mac OS, network devices, and new technologies such as iPADs, DROIDs, and other mobile devices. We evaluate these new technologies for compatibility with the existing IT infrastructure, functionality, and adherence to security rules and policies. We document test and evaluation outcomes and include findings, recommended alternatives and courses of action.

We maintain and apply standard disk images for IT enterprise-wide desktop, laptop, and tablet computers. We test new images for functionality and security and provide configuration management of the common disk images and ensure that changes can be deployed to deployed PCs, laptops and tablets in a timely and non-disruptive manor.

Video-Teleconferencing Support

Electrosoft supports customers in implementing enterprise-wide Video-teleconferencing (VTC) capabilities that VTC conference rooms spanning multiple sites and various technologies (e.g., Polycom, Cisco, Jabber and streaming video). We test, evaluate, deploy, operate and upgrade equipment in our customer VTC environment. We maintain documentation to include user and operator manuals and an inventory of conference room VTC equipment.

IT Help Desk

We provide “Tier 3” IT Help Desk support in the following technology areas: Information Assurance Policy and Technologies; Video Teleconferencing (Infrastructure/Hardware/Software); Mobile device wireless technology; Networking technologies (to include wireless); Microsoft Products; JAVA programming/Oracle Database Management; UNIX/Linux platforms (Hardware/Software); Desktop (PC) platforms; Laptop platforms to include wireless technologies; Printers for testing with existing equipment and implementing security configurations; Computer Associates (CA) Unicenter Suite (USD package development, testing and deployment), Microsoft SCCM (package development, testing and deployment), or other deployment tools as required by the COR.