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"I was having difficulties with my hard drive and had talked to many people before reaching your Senior Engineer. He was the first person throughout this long process to professionally and clearly outline the problem and the likelihood of full data recovery. Working with him has been the most painless part of a very long process, and I'd like to thank him for it."

- Army Customer


"We had a successful forum in May due to the extraordinary efforts put in by your NetOps Policy Analyst. He faced many technical issues related to teleconferencing over the secure web network but worked with the necessary stakeholders to keep the forum up and going. My hat is off to his patience and professionalism. The event would have failed without his actions."

- Army Customer


"The Electrosoft support team is doing well. They are responsive and thoughtful in what they do. They always give us new ideas, new insight into what's going on. Good group, providing meaningful value to the VA." 

- VA Customer


"The Electrosoft Security Analyst provided stellar updates to an important NIST document. This was the single biggest web update in the history of this document and an awesome way to celebrate its fourth anniversary!"

- NIST Customer


"As a former government employee who sat on review boards reading dozens of proposals, the proposal we produced together was exactly what I sought.  There was a cohesive story throughout and a clear understanding of the requirements without regurgitating what was in the PWS. I've tried to get other companies to understand that this approach is the key to developing a winning proposal. Electrosoft did."

- Teaming Partner


"Electrosoft's Security Analyst has done a tremendous job supporting the client here since the day he started, but has especially been a key asset for the team over this past year. He has increased his workload, taken on additional duties, provided superior management and received numerous kudos from other stakeholders. He is a valued member of our team and, in taking on numerous key responsibilities, has made life a lot easier for me. I'm happy that he is here to help us."

- USPTO Customer


“The Electrosoft staff is always looking out for the best interests of the project. They are insightful and exceptionally thorough. Electrosoft’s PM has provided outstanding contributions and support to the project. He was committed to meeting the project milestones, and his technical insights and ability to articulate the security requirements helped the entire team develop the proper solutions and related documents.”

- SecureKey


“The quality of Electrosoft’s work products has been superior and rarely needed revision. Their technical and project management expertise and advice have been sought after and are well regarded. Their support to the mission of the program significantly increased our capability to meet our goals and objectives. The Electrosoft team has displayed exceptional abilities in managing aggressive deadlines that have run the gamut of short turn-around data calls, analysis of Executive Orders, Office of Management and Budget issuances, draft special publications and other informational requests that have supported high-visibility ITS partnerships. They have shown exceptional results in the areas of managing project timelines, project deliverables and quality of work.”

- GSA Customer


“Electrosoft’s PM is an outstanding leader. It is apparent that he is well respected by his technical team as well as other contactors and VA employees. Electrosoft’s PM does a great job blending in and bringing a sense of team to the IPT as a whole. I’m impressed with his respect for and confidence in his team's technical expertise. His communications to the Government have been greatly appreciated. As a COR and a PM, I couldn’t ask for more. He is an asset to your company and just what the Government needs. He has a way of communicating honestly yet remaining optimistic to reach beyond the goal and beyond circumstances that we find in technical projects to bring success.”

- VA Customer 


“Electrosoft staff have outstanding leadership, coordination and technical insights. Electrosoft looks out for DOL’s best interest and is focused on delivering a quality product. I would highly recommend Electrosoft and its team for future efforts.”

- DOL Customer


“Electrosoft staff are by far the best people we’ve worked with in the 5 years we’ve had this contract. They are smart and knowledgeable and care about getting a good result.  Almost every time that they spot a problem, they are able to suggest a good solution, and have also been more than willing to roll up their sleeves and help us get this work done.” 

- Chief Information Officer, Landon IP, Inc.