8(a) Sole Source

Electrosoft is a participant in the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) 8(a) Program. As an 8(a) firm, Electrosoft can receive “sole-source” federal contracts, up to a ceiling of $4M for goods and services. These contracts do not have to go through the normal competitive acquisition process – instead, the contract terms are negotiated between Electrosoft and the federal agency.

Below are the steps to contract directly with Electrosoft for an 8(a) sole source:

Step 1 – Complete the SBA worksheet “Proposed Project for 8(a) Re: FAR 19.802-2” and forward it to Electrosoft’s SBA representative in Washington, DC. It usually takes only a few days to approve the request.

-It’s important to reference the correct NAICS code(s) when completing the SBA form.

-Upon approval of the request, the SBA representative will send the requesting agency an approval letter. The approval letter states that the requesting agency and Electrosoft are now allowed to enter into contract negotiations.

-A warranted Contracting Officer from the requiring agency needs to file the paperwork, and contact the SBA.

Step 2 – The government agency and Electrosoft enter into contract negotiations. 

Step 3 – Once negotiations are complete and the contract is executed, a copy of the contract along with the SBA approval letter needs to be sent to the SBA representative.
For more information on engaging Electrosoft through the 8(a) sole source path, please contact us